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Everlasting God Kings has three core messages in it.

Most importantly all of the messages speak about US!

1. Everlasting speaks to the reality of our eternal existence. I'd like to add to that: our immortality.

2. 'God' speaks to the fact that when we are born again of the spirit as it says in John 3:5 it means we are born as god kind. You know how Jesus didn't have a human Dad? But he had a human mom right? So what was he? Fully God and fully man. So when we get born again (Jesus' own words) of the spirit, aren't we born of God? But we're human right? Yeah. So Jesus called us his brothers and sisters did he not? So we are fully God and fully man. The difference between us and Jesus is that we are created. Jesus is uncreated.

3. Jesus is the King of Kings. Who are the Kings that he is King of? Us. What are we Kings of? Whatever we take ownership of. Remember the parable of the King that had three servants who were given talents to invest? That's real. You are King of whatever you take ownership of and you're supposed to govern it like God would.

So we are Everlasting God Kings.

Read Our Story to get a broader (but not entire) explanation of how I came to that conclusion

Our Logo is very special to us. The logo came out of a divine meeting appointed in time by God. Basically a few months prior to me having the call to create a t-shirt business, the worship leader of the church I first attended in Toowoomba had had a vision a few short months prior and he told me in this coffee catch up that we did that it was so profound he had to pull off the road because he was driving and he was crying so much he couldn't keep driving. In that vision he said that he saw the church's evangelism group "Freedom Fighters" on the streets and we were all wearing the same print on our shirts. And that print was of an eagle.

So taking that as my first confirmation from God that I was to start a clothing business specifically for Toowoomba, when I came to design my logo a few weeks later, one of three icons that I'd chosen was this abstract eagle/angel icon. I felt that it was equally abstract angel and eagle and perfectly fitted the company name and paying homage to the first confirmation from God. His first stamp of approval so to speak I chose to go with the Logo we now have.

In keeping with James' (The worship leader) vision, paying homage to our roots and our calling we love to see our logo proudly displayed on our clothes. Our logo in itself IS the main message that we stand for. We are Everlasting God Kings.

EGK the clothing company started out of a direct calling from God to steward the City and greater region of Toowoomba. God's in the business of restoring the earth back to it's divine original intent and as part of that God wants his children to take ownership of this awesome planet that he's given us to inhabit. Until this moment in time, this revelation has never been inside of the collective consciousness, by which I mean that christians and agnositics alike have not had a grid for righteous ownership of cities. EGK was started from a calling from Go telling us that he wanted us to take ownership of cities worldwide through public representation in the creative clothing space.

To read more about how EGK started please go and dig in to Our Story.

EGK is run as a sole trader company. My name is Seth and I'm the only director of the Everlasting God Kings. I believe that Jesus is the divine, uniquely begotten and uncreated Son of God. God created all things. All people are created in the image of God. Death entered the world through the sin of Adam and Eve and from that point we were separated from God. No exceptions. Jesus came as our propitiation and by his blood those who believe that Jesus was the perfect and sinless Son of God and believe that he died and rose again are now redeemed and righteous in his sight. I believe by being born again you are born of God and he is your Father. You are therefore God-Kind. No longer human, but like Jesus in the flesh, Fully God and Fully man. I don't believe in once saved always saved. But I do believe in Faith-Righteousness; that it is belief in the forgiveness of sin and confession that Jesus died and rose again that confirms our salvation. I believe that God is our Father, King, Bridegroom and Saviour, and many other wonderful things.

Yeah! You can become an Everlasting God King at the Round Table. When you sign up to the referral program you get points that can be redeemed as store credit that you can spend in our store. Once signed up you can earn points for just shopping with us or by referring friends! Click down on the Rewards box in the corner of your screen to sign up.

Amen! And we'd love to hear your testimonies. If you'd like to submit a testimony please use the contact page on our website or email seth@everlastinggodkings.com. In the body of your message please tell us if you'd be happy for us to use your testimony on our website and/or through our marketing channels such as Facebook and Instagram.

Hallelujah! We so welcome your designs. I'm just a guy that was obedient to God's call to start this business and I really have no skills in digital or traditional design so I am praying for people to submit their designs. I would love for you to submit your designs for print. Or if you know someone who might be interested get them to submit designs too.

For submitting designs please contact media@everlastinggodkings.com

Heck Yeah! Whatever your into. Do you want me on your podcast or to an event? Do you want to be part of our marketing and advertising campaigns? We are totally open to all forms of collaboration. Email me at media@everlastinggodkings.com


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