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Water with the colour of the late day sun gleaning off its undulating surface.

Welcome Child

Rev 11:15

A Make shift, last-minute drawn flag is raised to the sky and the flag says King of Kings

The Story of the Genesis of EGK

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Artistes, Actors, Butlers, Crooks and Cops, Directors and Employees, Experts and novices, Fishermen and Accountants, Husbands and Wives, Millennials and Baby Boomers, Judges and Priests, I would like to tell you all, that each one of you is an heir in the line of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This is the story of how I was shown, the Revelation of His Kingdom and why EGK was born for such a time as this...

The Story of EGK

John 4:17

This has been on my mind this week. God was revealing to me the difference between outcome love and relationship love. This week God set me totally free from outcome love and set me free into relationship love. Where I am free to love God because he first loves me, period.


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I don't wanna be famous

This week, I switched from recording my spiritual ideas/thoughts/testimonies in audio format and started recording them as videos. It was never my intention when I started to share all my spiritual experiences/thoughts/revelations, but, in audio only, they just go to waste. It's been an insightful process though. I definitely feel the gravitas of putting my face all over the internet. What I'm doing though has nothing to do with me. I just have a ridiculous passion for the world to know Jesus! I don't want to be famous, but for Jesus' sake I'll be the most famous person on earth. 🗽🌏

You can check out my recent testimonies/thoughts on my youtube channel.

Does God have a sense of humor?😮😮😮😏😏😬😬😬😬

Alright. Mad story behind this one. I’ll try keep it short. So the other week I’m walking on the weekend around my neighbourhood, vibin’ with God and I walk through this part of nature and I say to the nature, “you’re under my reign. I’m making it reign on you.” So the preface being that EGK’s, we rule the earth, give it our glory (Romans 8:21) and we give the creation the same salvation we have. But using the language of ‘reign’ as a metaphor for ‘rain’ that nourishes the creation. So basically saying all in my vicinity is under my rulership how I choose to rule it. Well about 1 kilometre on my walk later in my neighbourhood I see this homeless man, sleeping near-naked aside from underwear sprawled out beside the footpath. Quite confronting.

Now before I’d reached the homeless man, about the time I’d figured out this sweet analogy for reign/rain I’d already decided I was gonna put it into a design. Well when I got to that homeless guy as I said, I was unprepared for that and felt quite uncomfortable and confronted. I didn’t know what to do, but I wanted to be like Jesus. So I did the thing that I was most comfortable with and left all the money in my wallet in a bag beside him. It was a lot of money. And though it’s crass terminology I thought it illustrated the point quite well. If you’d had turned the bills I had into 1 dollar bills, I sure as hell made it reign on that fella. Ruling the earth in my vicinity. Under my jurisdiction as an EGK. That how I make it reign.

I was on your mind 🥰🥰🥰

Was on a spotify radio for Upperroom this week and was totally caught y surprise when I heard "on your mind by John Pantana. I'm loving the song at the moment.

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