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God Told Me It's Time To Transcend the Matrix

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God Told Me It's Time To Transcend the Matrix

The origin point of all this really started with the events around God telling me to deconstruct. Up until the end of this transcendence period, I didn't understand why. But now it all makes sense. If you want to see why you should deconstruct, and make transcendence possible for yourself then you should start here.

By the end of this blog post I want you to be completely convinced that we live in a simulated reality, AKA a Matrix.

Feb 12:The Prelude

On Feb 12 Saturday, I listened to a bunch of God’s house sermons through YouTube. I had put up a video on deconstruction and mentioned God’s House Church and I had said; “I watched a lot of their sermons from the last year, so I know what I’m talking about (inferring that I wasn’t defaming the church construing anything I paraphrased). But in reality; after I uploaded that video, I got cold feet because I maybe watched 5/6 videos from them last year. So, I wanted to really look into everything they were saying to combat anyone who challenged me about anything they said. I say that for full disclosure that BEAR none of the ideas that I had from Feb 13 on had anything to do with the God's house sermons. Any of the ideas that did overlap with my own revelation I will credit below.

Feb 13 Everything Kicks Off

I’m at a church picnic on Sunday afternoon and my pastor is talking me through his current plans to connect all the churches in Toowoomba. For the first time that we’ve talked about the topic, he tells me the church network is gonna have a name. God told him the name is to be “Transcend”. I don’t have any pre-conceived connotations to that word – full disclosure.

Then he tells describes the logo to me. It’s gonna be two circles coming together to make a third colour. OK.... that made me think of the Mastercard logo. Nothing else.

My pastor asks me as part of his efforts to get it all started, he wants me to help him make a promo video that he can show wherever he goes. So, when I get home, I write down a note with the logo and the name.

 Iphone Note with a drawing of a venn diagram with the word scrawled below "Transcend"

Now Feb 13, around 7:30, I’m bored. I begin to meditate. I’m only meditating because I recently watched a Bob Jones sermon where he said we could mediate and go to heaven.

After that mediation I record my thoughts about mediation. A little later I’m going to sleep, and I get huge download on transcendence and the meaning of the two realms.

After I record my second round of thoughts on Sunday night I immediately jump onto YouTube just to punch in some videos to the watch later list so that is when I did a bunch of searches on transcending and matrix/simulation theory.


Basically, from the YouTube search I found the physics of God audiobook and nothing else. There is not a breath of revelation on YouTube that is worth any value on the topic of transcendence and matrix theory. I was shocked. It was why I tried so many variations of "transcend ..."

After the two revelations I’ve received, I am so psyched by what’s been downloaded I instantly have a mind-map I can draw out on the whiteboard, but I decide I’d rather sleep instead. So I went to sleep.

Rough Transcript from Recording 1 (if you don’t want to listen):

Question arises: are the realms a construct? What if everything is in one realm and we divided the realm into a construct of multiple realms?

Conclusive thought was no. There is a divide between realms. This world is a construct. Our bodies are constructs, water, food, houses, all constructs.

Constructs are low frequencies made out of the high frequencies. Energy and matter. Same essence but lower frequencies are collapsed.

We are meant to sit between the realms. Use both. Not source from the lower. We are not meant to be equal with the collapsed. We are in the world but not of it. More constructs we depend on the more attached and lower we become. The more we rise above it we connect back into God.

The proof is ascetics. The church fathers chose ascetics. They knew this wasn’t our home. We have the choice to work 40 hours a week and achieve a tiny amount, or we can operate from above and do 40 hours of work in 1 hour. Time in heaven is stretched, like Narnia. So, asceticism in necessary. If you choose to live here on earth you are choosing to live in the matrix, and allow the matrix to dictate to you.

My pastor talked to me today about Transcend. That’s what I’m talking about, we need to transcend this earth construct realm. We need to detach our identity from this realm. And move back into our real identity.

We accept death can achieve this for us. But we won’t accept it now because it’s scary. It is to leave everything we know behind. It is not sourcing our Lives from air, water food or fire. That’s terrifying. But we can transcend it. This is literally a red pill - blue pill choice.

Even recording this audio I feel myself disconnecting from my body. I feel light, I feel seasick.

Rough Transcript from Recording 2 (if you don’t want to listen):
At 9:30 I go to sleep. I’m talking to God, and the conversation goes, “with everything I’m learning and unlearning, this is the most real you have ever felt to me. I can feel you.”
The thought that was accompanied by that was; “I’m already there (located) in heaven.” This talk of transcending earth is unnecessary. I’m already there. It’s doesn’t even feel like heaven is a foreign land to me anymore. It feels like where I’m from. It’s not something I have to do. It’s something I must be. It’s remembering that’s where I am and who I am. I AM transcendent. I’m not of the earth. That is the separation I’ve created, but it’s not the truth. But it’s not the truth. Ascension isn’t something we do, it’s something we are. We are transcendence. We are seated in heavenly places. It’s only because we live through the constructs that we can’t see we are already there. Connecting to God is not something you do it’s who you are. Sourcing from God is not something you do it’s something you are.
I didn’t even realise this in my recording an hour ago. I didn’t even think about it anymore between recordings. It’s just a knowing.


Feb 14

Feb 14, I wake up and immediately all the revelation from last night is still just fresh in my mind. So I write down a note with all the extra new revelation I'm thinking of in the moment this morning. Thinking about scriptures that now have taken on a new meaning for me. This is the second time that I have "matrix" written down by 9:00 on Feb 14, I am now 100% certain we are in a simulated reality. I can see the matrix for what it is now. That idea was not given to me by another man/woman. God gave me that revelation. And by the end of this blog you will see why that is critical to know and understand.

I’ve got two videos pre-recorded for my YouTube channel so I know there is no point recording a video on the topic yet because in those 3 weeks until I have to put out my next video, God could teach me way more on the subject. So right now, it’s just about documentation.



The morning after I had the revelation, I went back to the I am God’s House Church videos I watched on Feb 12 to clip out some of the incredible stuff that overlapped what I now knew.

Full disclosure:

On Feb 10 Justin Abraham posted something about “throne room mystic” so I went looking for him on YouTube.

I watched some of his videos over the next couple of days (quickly lost interest) and recorded one snippet on Feb 14 that confirmed what I was thinking now about our real reality.


  1. PAUSE.

Dear Reader, may I jump in here to say something important. The entries you are about to read/listen to from Feb 15 and Feb 16 may look/sound HIGHLY speculative. It may look/sound like I’m just a critically addicted overthinker. But! May I convince you to keep reading! Listen to the Holy Spirit as you read this. You probably won’t see God threading this altogether until you’ve read/listened to it all. BUT, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t know it was God from the start. I was thinking so much about this because I was so excited by it. This journey started for me on January 30th, and this was 16 days deep into this rabbit hole of me going beyond constructs. It may read/sound like a lot of thinking in between the next 3 days but keep it in perspective! There will be an undeniable God confirmation of all of this thinking in just 3 days! Plus many, many more coincidences in the following days. Keep reading/listening 😉😊.

Feb 15

Rough Transcript from Recording 1 (if you don’t want to listen):

These thoughts came to me today:

If energy is the same essence as matter but matter is denser frequency, then if the matter vibrates at a higher frequency or would go back to energy.

So, I am spirit not matter. I am spirit living in matter.

I am not a construct. I am the essence in the matter.

If I am energy, then when am I sourcing from matter? Why am I identifying as the matter?

Jesus and God source from energy and identify as energy. They are the same essence as me.

I am not in the earth; I am in the spirit realm right now.

Everything we see and identify as, are constructs.

We are sourcing from constructs because we think that’s what we are.

It is a matrix. We live in a matrix.

And we are choosing to source from the matrix because everything we taste, touch, smell and see seems real. But it’s not.

We are in the spirit realm experiencing this constructed world.

The movie; "The Matrix" is 100% true to life.

I learned about transcendental meditation yesterday.

My pastor mentioned to me on Sunday about the church network being called Transcend. After mediating later that day, I made the connection between deconstruction and the word Transcend. That’s how I found transcendental meditation and that’s how you can go into the spirit realm. Transcendental meditation is leaving the matrix and going back into reality.

The earth and the constructed realm is a realm inside of God.


I went shopping in the afternoon this day and I was blasted (tangibly) when I rocked up to the doors of the shopping centre. I was hit with this realisation of; why am I shopping for groceries at all? Why did I drive my car here? Why am I interacting with this matrix on the matrix level? What’s the point of me being here? Why don’t I just hack out of here? None of this is real so it means nothing. What is the point of playing out a fantasy?

But then I realised it’s not fantasy. It’s real. The constructs that we interact with are the constructs that we chose to make. We created this matrix. This is how we chose to terraform this matrix. This is our own construction.

This planet is a gift to us. We were given dominion of this earth to have free license to create on it how we saw fit.

God gave us this earth and since we’ve been in this planet right up until now, we have been terraforming it how we saw fit. We created it all. We created cars, and clothes and buildings and TV’s and computers.

What you begin to see is that as time goes on, there is more and more constructs. Computers didn’t exist at the beginning of time. That’s the point. The point of this realm is for us to continually advance and create. More and more and more.

If you boil down all realities to the fundamental truth. Reality is about creation. Creation was God’s first act. In the beginning God created. In his realm, in our realm, doesn’t matter what realm you’re in. All you have to do for all eternity is create.

Boiled down to the most fundamental truth. All we know is creator and creation.

So, in the beginning, was a creator, and he created a world, and filled the world with creators, and he said, these creators will create and multiply and create more creators to create.

What you then begin to see, is that this world belongs to firstly God and then to the best constructors. And that’s what we see. Our society rewards those that create the most value OR create the best constructs.

And this goes in both directions. We can create for good or bad. We can create for love and peace and wellbeing, or we can crate for violence, anarchy and chaos.

We see this in our world today: Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are rich because of what they’ve created. God created it this way.

That is the point of this world. So, the spiritual realm is the real realm right? But if you were to say that “you want to die and go to heaven”, you don’t know what you’re saying. Because it has the same purpose as this world. In fact, you’re missing out, because God gifted us this world and he wants us to redeem it. You hacking out of here, you’re taking yourself to the waiting room to get back in here. We were given this world to be king of and create on it.

That is the purpose of this world.

So how should this change your perspective of your life here on earth? You should prioritise learning to be a better creator. If that means getting imaginations and ideas out of the heavenly realms to bring them into this realm that’s a worthwhile pursuit, but don’t play down the importance of this world. Ask God how to make your desires come true in this realm. Ask God how to hack this realm. Walk on Water, call down fire, multiply food, heal every sickness and disease. Hacking the matrix.

The computer didn’t come out of this realm. The computer came out of the infinite realm. So those who rule from the heavenly realms and bring back those plans into the earth will rule the earth.

Y’know on a personal level, I was thinking about my own life pursuits the night before, thinking; do I want to be retired forever? But I don’t. My problem is that I don’t have a passion to do anything particular I wouldn’t even know what direction to start looking in, but now, in knowing what life is about; about creation; I feel like I know where to make a start. With God.

One thing is certain, we can’t stop creating. We are creators.


Rough Transcript from Recording 2 (if you don’t want to listen):

I’m from heaven. Given a body to interact with the earth.

Bodies are transmutable for both realms.

Earth was always meant to be the habitation realm for humans. Makes no sense for us to rule over earth but not live in it.

Yes, our essence is from the spirit realm, since when we die we go to live there, but plan A was for us to live here. So, what was our role in the spirit realm? Don’t know.

Primary place of abode is the universe.

Thinking about how earth was made for us to construct:

If it’s just a playground for us to create then wouldn’t it make more sense for us to live in heaven and just use earth as a toy.

Therefore, miracles would be the primary way of creating. Why go through the pain of mechanically building things from scratch? Why not just magic everything into existence?

I don’t think God wanted us to create like that. I think God wanted us to create from wisdom.

So, if that’s true, then the fall didn’t drastically change any of the mechanics of earth in the terraforming sense. We were always meant to build from intelligence and wisdom and understanding and that’s what we’ve done.

So, in a way the fall was only a separation from God in our minds but not a drastic way of laws and operations.

But how do miracles enter the equation?

If we are meant to build from intelligence, then wouldn’t miracles break the natural state of order of things? If everything could be done by miracles, then life would have no meaning.

So, when Jesus said, greater things than me shall you do did he mean fly in aeroplanes and build satellites and trains and rockets?

I’m not denying that miracles are for today. I’m just asking what is the scope of miracles?

Feb 16

Rough Transcript from Recording (if you don’t want to listen):

Today was the first day I listened to the physics of God book. This guy is an atheist, but he could see there were gaps in the science. And he saw that the science community was very anti-religion, and the religious community was very anti-science and so they operated independently of one another. But when he started to look at them together, the overlapped perfectly. And they got a very good picture of what the true reality was.

So, I said in my last two videos that in the next five years God is going to show us information that is going to blow us out of the water. And what I realised today is that science is one of the best tools to explain our reality. Religion, if it doesn’t understand science will operate from a faith space. But there is something every tangible and special about having mechanics and understanding and equations backed up by intelligence about how things work. And so, science is not anti-religion and it’s not bad for Christian’s to operate in. It’s a good thing given to us by God.

So, what I’m realising today is that we need to be aware of and work in partnership with the science community because science is the key to understanding and knowledge.

Everything in this world is a construct. Constructs aren’t good or bad, it's how you intend to use the construct. And science is a construct that we can use for our good!

And in the science, we can get the knowledge and understanding to do certain things. So right now, scientists are way ahead of the church in understanding the matrix and ways to manipulate it because they understand the idea of wave and particle reality. They understand the observer effect. They understand frequencies. They understand intention, they know about the unified energy field. They know that people (observers) can speak and create constructs in the heavenly (energy realm), Christians are still fighting on whether we can do that or not.

Christians attitude for the most part is: we’re Christian, sometimes God does miracles, we have to be hopeful and optimistic, but God is sovereign and we can’t control our own lives. But the science KNOWS what reality is and it’s saying, “No, everything is a construct, and you are the creator of the constructs in this world.”

So, I’m realising that what I’m picking up on is the reality and the science is proving it.

So, everything that I propose God is going to show us in the next five years will either come from us making breakthroughs in knowledge and understanding or the science community will make huge breakthroughs in knowledge and understanding. And they won’t be incompatible. It will be the truth.

After my Pastor watched one of my old videos where I said this, he said, “I don’t think there’s anything that we don’t know. I’m wary of that. Ecclesiastes says there’s nothing new under the sun. Keep 2 Timothy 3:7 in mind because the bible says people always be learning but never coming to the truth.”

Knowing the truth about reality, can never take you further from God.

If you want to deny what science finds in the next five years or you don’t want God to personally show you a deeper understanding about himself and yourself and your reality, to each his own.

So, technology is not a bad thing. Science is not a bad thing. And as Christians we have to take this approach that science is our friend. Technology is our friend. But we are its masters.

When science in the next five years tell us that we can create something from nothing, are you gonna be the fool that calls it the devil?

If you can’t find a bible verse to explain the scientific phenomenon, are you gonna call it the devil? I hope not.

So, the other thing I’m thinking about is that Christians like me, and Christians that aren’t religious; we recognise that our language and understanding is changing. It’s becoming moulded more and more around the scientific understanding.

Religion says nothing on earth matters. I was talking to my pastor last night asking if he reads his bible every night. I was reading my bible today and what I noticed is that the bible has a massive focus on judgement day. Jesus emphasises it. Paul emphasises it. And from that language it appears that there is this massive divide between this side of death and that side of death. And because of that divide the language is very focused on placing minimal importance on the things of this earth, and massive emphasis on heaven.

But this has created a huge problem for the religious community. It’s meant for the last 2000 years, the biggest and best creators terraforming this earth weren’t Christian. We don’t have Christian thinkers. We didn’t even care to question the purpose of heaven and earth, and we didn’t question the importance of how that might influence us in our understanding of the mechanics of what we are believing for. So, we wander through this life ignorant and blasé. This is why the religious community is so anti-science because we don’t care about this life. We are very apathetic. Meanwhile, the very reason we were gifted this world, people like bill Gates and Steve Jobs and Elon Musk terraformed the earth and rule over us as a result.

But I care about this life. And even myself with a peanut size care about this world led me to discover this amazing understanding as to the purpose of heaven and earth and all of its mechanics.

And I didn’t spend days of weeks or months thinking about this. It was just downloaded into me.

Plus, once you understand this, everything else just becomes very intuitive. You understand the reality of things, you understand the matrix, you understand your authority over the matrix. You understand your purpose in building the matrix and you understand how prayer changes the matrix. And you understand your responsibility in making sure you build good things into the matrix.

And these days the church is waking up to their responsibility as being kings and priests here so they form these governments churches called ekklesias and they’re trying to do everything through prayer without a proper understanding of the mechanics. It’s just a use of the old model used with a new strategy, and it’s not gonna work.

If we will just listen to God and accept that there is vast amounts God wants to teach us in the next 5 years we will rise up beyond anything the world has ever seen. We are going to literally learn how to change the matrix. We will rewrite what this world looks like. We will change climates, change deserts, rearrange stars. But we must adopt the scientific mind. We can no longer keep this apathetic, anti-science mind.

Later in the day I decide to go to Grand Central Shopping Centre to get some donuts, and something very important happens. Besides me getting some proper scientific backing of my claims through the audiobook about quantum science, what happens next is undoubtedly concrete proof of God being in the midst of this revelation. I get my donuts and I’m walking down the shopping centre main thoroughfare out toward the outdoor entertaining area, and I look to my left into Famous Footwear, and standing up on a ladder against the left hand wall is a lady with a very significant dye pattern in her hair.

It was the Transcend logo staring right back at me.

NOW, why didn’t I drop everything in that very moment and go to take a picture? I’ll tell ya.

Psh. I blew it off. Remember, this was the first confirmation I’d gotten about all this. YES! I knew it was real! I knew it was God! But, I didn’t need a photo of her hair to tell me that… Yeah it was great sense of confirmation for me but it was just for me. Secondly, who would think to randomly ask a stranger to take a picture of their hair? Especially a man asking a woman. No way she would say yes. But the main reason was I just didn’t care to get a photo.

Feb 17

Today I went back to listening to the physics of God book and snipping videos out of it.

It was only today that it sunk in, how accurate my revelation was. That this held some serious weight. And that girl with the transcend logo in her hair, that was confirmation for me to prove that God had told me this.

It had taken me some time to feel comfortable with the idea of passing on this knowledge to others. When I first got the revelation I thought, “God, this is great, but who’s gonna believe me based on my own words, and my own thoughts. People will say I made it up.” Today it sunk in, that God had given me the proof I needed. So it was part of my responsibility in creating the proof for the video to go get that picture of the dye pattern in that girl’s hair.

So, I went back to Grand Central today. When I walked past the store at 2 O’clock she wasn’t there. I decided I had to believe she would be there maybe for a later shift. I decided to wait in the outdoor entertaining area again for an hour and then try my luck again. When I went back to the store at 3pm, there she was. I made my move, and it was only when I reached the back of the store to where she was that I realised Famous Footwear is an exclusively women’s shoe store. I had no business being in there. I had to just be up front. 😂😅

So, I was. I just told her that I liked her hair, and I simply asked for a photo of it. And she gladly agreed. I was shocked. But it gave me more confidence that God was with me in this.


Feb 18

Today I go to grand central to inquire about a job. I’m in and out, but something funny comes up.

On Feb 15 at my church bible study, I’m talking to my pastor about my studies in December into all sorts of theologies. And he says to me: I’m worried about you looking into all these things and you saying that you think God is gonna show us things in the next five years that we’ve never known before. “Everyone these days claims to be enlightened, and there’s all this new knowledge. I’m not buying it.”.

Then he pulls out two books he’s been reading and one is The Great Controversy which all about false doctrines and the anti-Christ and then he pulls out a ginormous book, bigger than the bible and it’s called, Heresies.

Well today I park my car in the car park and look at the license plate of the car on front of me. Enlightened. Funny little joke there between me and God.


What’s even funnier about this comment is what I see on February 24th.

Feb 20

I’m listening to Kingdom Talks Media YouTube channel. They’re doing a Worldwide Gathering of the Ekklesias. In this type of conference format, all of the individual Ekklesia group leaders are allowed to say whatever they want. They have free reign to talk about what God is saying to that portion of the body.

Where my ears perked up was when one lady jumped on and said, “I think we’re in a simulation.”


Me too. 😈

Feb 23

I was at home this day minding my own business. In fact I remember I was half way out the door with a bottle of Windex in hand to wash my car windscreen when I saw the God’s House Church was live-streaming.

I jump on and watch in real time and Sheila mentions something that she’s never mentioned before. She talks about the matrix. And you know it the first time she’s bringing it up because she’s telling the congregation the definition of what a matrix is. So you know it’s the first time she’s introduced it. And she’s talking about wombs. And then says: Incubator. I’ll have you know; I was the first person on YouTube to claim the word incubator back in September 2021.

In the same sermon, Sheila is once again talking about deconstruction. And in this description that gives on deconstruction she compares it to going into the quiet place, and detaching from the matrix “beat” or rhythm and connecting into the heartbeat of God and bringing that back into the earth.

At the Same time I’m watching Kanye West have a live stream going on, of his concert for his new Album. And what is startling is that for about two hours prior to the start of the performance – at the time that Sheila is talking about connecting back into the heartbeat frequency of God - Kanye had what people were speculating was a heart monitor attached to the livestream and if you were watching the livestream you were listening to a heartbeat. That was being live-streamed at the same time Sheila was talking about reconnecting into the heartbeat of God.

That just goes hand in hand with the idea of transcending this realm by changing your frequency and letting go of this earth construct realm.


Around this Same time; Feb 22, I got a subscription to Amazon Prime Video due to it being a free offer to me since I was purchasing something off Amazon and wanted free delivery. But it was a few days before I got onto Amazon Prime and one of the first movies I watched was “Bliss”.

I bring up this movie because the entire movie is all about a sort of pretend matrix world all on it’s own and they happened to bring up the idea of the whole world being made up of light but that our eyes lie to us. We see what photon show us instead of what is really there. That is something explicitly mentioned in the Physics of God book I’ve been listening to.

Feb 24

On Feb 24, I was just minding my own business. I was simply on the Facebook Watch page, when a video came across my feed. I was a guy at the World Economic Forum, and he was talking about the matrix. But not in such explicit terminology! If you didn’t have your own perceptions and understanding of reality as a matrix, then you would completely miss what is being said here. From what I'd learned over the last 2 weeks I wanted to spell it out for y'all.

This guy was talking about hacking human code. Not just hacking human code. He said, we will very soon be able to engineer human life. In his own words:

“By  hacking organisms, elites may gain the power to re-engineer the future of life itself. And if indeed we succeed in hacking and engineering life, this will be not just the greatest revolution in the history of humanity, this will be the greatest revolution in biology since the very beginning of life, four billion years ago.”


To any Christians that want to stick their heads in the sand to all of this new science and technology and want to deny that God wants us to have a hand in controlling our own matrix realm, I say good riddance. I hope you enjoy heaven as a complete schmuck that wants to hack out of their own gift of life and existence. Heaven will be extremely disappointing for you.

And to anyone who says there is nothing new under the sun, Wake Up!

As I said above. We can choose to be ahead of the science or behind it. God is telling me, its up to us if we want to engage.