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Our Story

It all started on October 3rd 2020. I know because I record every spiritual thought, revelation and experience that happens to me. I started doing that around August 2020. It started on Saturday Night, October 3rd, and it went a little something like this. 

The Reason

October 3rd 7:00pm - My apartment - Margaret Street Toowoomba

I was sitting in my new studio apartment at a small 60cm diameter round dining table up against the wall barely big enough for two. Albeit I was sitting there alone, having only moved to Toowoomba two weekends prior and knowing nobody in the city. I was looking at an empty bowl that had been full of pasta for dinner and my iPad was sat in front of me. Only half paying attention to the Kanye West performance at the Hollywood Superbowl of Pinocchio Story that I was watching for the hundredth time in my life. I neither was impressed by it any longer nor enjoyed it as much as I first did. Occasionally I would come back to this video to try to get a sense of the feelings that this video once invoked in me but tonight it wasn't happening. 

As I sat there, only half paying attention, I felt a clear word spoken to me in my spirit out of nowhere. It was God and he said to me, "Everyone says that Hollywood belongs to the devil. Everyone says that Hollywood is a foul place full of lewdness and sensuality, full of the world and detestable things." And then he said, "I want it." This to me came out of nowhere. Straight out of left field. 

I gotta tell you, me and God didn't have a discussion about this, and there was a lot that God said. But it all occurred in an instant.

This is what people refer to as a download. Now, this sort of thing isn't abstract nor uncommon to me but the whole Hollywood idea was completely foreign to me.

In addition to God saying that he wanted Hollywood he also said this, "I don’t want you to withdraw from the world. I want you to take possession and occupy til I come! Hold the ground, and don’t retreat.” GOD was telling me, “My people have withdrawn from the world!” He told me, “Because the world is full of corruption and wickedness and because of your human nature to be tempted by the evil in the world, you righteous ones withdraw with what you have in order to keep safe the light that is within you. You see the world as inherently not belonging to you and so instead of taking care of what should belong to you, you take care of what you know to be inherently belonging to you, which is your body, soul and conscience.”

GOD was telling me at this point. Someone owns the city. If it ain’t you, who? Thoughts of the pattern of Moses came to me, in his mission to go into the Promised Land and to displace the Giants who had possession of it. The Hebrews looks like grasshoppers in their own eyes, but through GOD’s holy instruction and assignment of the land to them, they were able to take the land through the authority GOD had given them over that land.

It was actually somewhere in the middle of this revelation, probably around the time I first thought of this Moses story and the story of giants that my mind hearkened back to a Christian video series that came out last week when I first arrived in Toowoomba. It was in fact all about Watchers, titans, giants, Nephilim and our place in relation to all of them.

Now other thoughts and teaching and stories came flooding in. The story of Jesus and the Legion of demons. The demons didn’t want to be thrown out of the area. The story of Daniel praying for 21 days. But his prayers could not be answered because The Prince of Persia had authority over Babylon. I’d just recently heard another story from Michael Van Vlymen about the time Jesus appeared to him and asked him if he wanted to see the principality over his neighbourhood fall. Jesus took Michael to an empty lot in his neighbourhood where he saw a giant dragon dead on the ground. This was GOD’s way of telling me, Angels and Demons are assigned to cities. Who do you want governing yours?

So GOD told me this. “Seth, here is your assignment, I want you to start a T-shirt business targeting the city of Toowoomba. I want all the Christians in Toowoomba to boldly proclaim my promises over the city, to establish righteousness in the city and taken possession and jurisdiction over all that occurs within the city and region of Toowoomba.”

GOD included the revelation; spiritual warfare is great, but when and how is Spiritual Warfare going to open up conversations in everyday life and give everyday opportunities to make it normal to be proud to be Christian? GOD said “I don’t want warriors who do all the fighting in secret. Take a stand until it’s no longer a fight to win.”

The last thing I uttered as I laid my head on my pillow and went to sleep was: “GOD you are the greatest war strategist, you command us and lead us, and we stand at your side, we stand our ground and we move forward, but you are not a GOD that retreats.”

October 4th 10:00am - Faithlife Church, Toowoomba

The following day which was a Sunday, I attended a church service in Toowoomba for the first time. Not just one but two. 

The first service was at faithlife Church in North Toowoomba and everything was just as per usual to the church services I was used to until one song came on that I'd never heard before. I'd never heard it before because it was written by Faithlife Music team and the lyrics aligned with the last words I'd spoken the night prior.

Church Projector screen with lyrics that confess to standing ones ground in faith

October 4th: 7:00pm - New Hope Church Toowoomba

Later that day, I attended the night service at New Hope Church, the worship was phenomenal but the sermon was confirmation. The title of the message was Radical Ownership. The entire message was that the places we live, the places we work, belong to us if we choose to take ownership of them. It’s not cool to ask GOD to send someone else into the situation to take care of it. If we want jurisdiction and authority over the places we live and work, it’s up to us to take ownership of those places and act accordingly. As this was the second message I’d heard in town, and I was brand new to Toowoomba and I’d just received this revelation from GOD the night prior, it couldn’t have been more obvious to me that GOD was confirming his word from the night prior.

Blurry photo taken in worship service of church projector screen with the title of the message: "Radical Ownership"

The Meaning

How Our Logo Came About

October 6th 4:30pm - Coffee Emporium Toowoomba

On the Tuesday following that weekend I'd organised to meet the worship leader at Faithlife Church. That day we talked about our journeys in Christ and I just poured out this fresh revelation that God had told me that I was here to take ownership of Toowoomba and that we were going to to do it through clothes. The backstory behind what we were about to talk about is that Faithlife have an evangelism program called "Freedom Fighters" and the worship leader of Faithlife created the logo for the program. I knew about the evangelism program because in researching the churches in the area on google, I'd found Faithlife's calendar online and attended the freedom fighters night before attending any church services. 

So we got talking about Freedom Fighters after I had mentioned starting a christian clothing brand and the worship leader of Faithlife says to me, "That's crazy because I had the most amazing full blown vision a few weeks ago of our Freedom Fighters team and a whole lot of christians all wearing matching t-shirts with this eagle on their shirts." He told me the vision was so profound that he was driving his car when this vision came upon him and he was so ecstatic with this vision and so overwhelmed by it that he had to pull off the road because he was crying so much.

 Image from Facebook banner of Eagle logo

So,  that moment was pretty special for me because it was probably the first (but not the last) confirmation that I was called to start a t-shirt business. And so though, I never set out from that point to have an eagle as my main icon, when I came to design my logo through TailorBrands and I had to choose from 3 of my favourite suggested icons, I wrestled with the decision but ultimately knew that I had to pay homage to the first confirmation of God's call to start EGK in the first place. And I'm really pleased that we went with that because now it has a very special meaning to me and hopefully to all of you.

How We Came Up With The Name

Our name is very special and very dear to our brand because the name completely represents our beliefs and our mission. 

Oct 11th 8:30pm - My apartment - Margaret Street Toowoomba

Christians Have a Saviour but no God

So after having a profound holy spirit experience in the Sunday afternoon after church and posting a 6 minute long video to facebook about it which I'd never done before it was around 6pm and I had this accusing voice come into my soul. To put this in context, I'd just shared the full story of how God had taken me to University of Southern Queensland almost by accident and had me prophecy Isaiah 45 over all the nations of the earth. Look back in the news and you will see Donald Trump (King of America and the free world at the time) said "Jesus is the boss" at a huge public rally,  "and we need his help". That was on October 15th, four days after I prophesied Isaiah 45:23 "‘To me every knee shall bow,
every tongue shall swear allegiance.’"

 Seth standing in front of USQ with Flags of every nation seen on flag poles running into the distance behind him.

So this accusing voice came in and it said “Seth you don’t have to be weird like that. Other Christians aren’t gonna like what you’re doing. You could just be a normal Christian.” And instantly the Holy Spirit stepped in, and Holy Spirit just says to me, "most 'Christians' Believe in a saviour but they don’t believe in a GOD."

And that… floored me. Holy Spirit since when are you so gangsta?

McLovin' from the movie breaking bad walking into a room holding up his hand in a backwards W gesture with the caption GANGSTAS

But I was ready for this revelation, I knew what it meant, but to hear that from GOD, hallelujah! And what it means is, for myself and us ‘weird Christians’ we are accountable to a GOD. I am in relationship with a GOD. A GOD in the same terms as every other religion and culture would term a GOD. A GOD that moves the mountains. A GOD that shakes the earth. A GOD that splits the sea. The GOD who beckons fiery chariots. The GOD who has one angel that kills 185,000 men in one night. The GOD that created time and was before time. THE ONE AND TRUE GOD!

Oct 15th 8:30pm


Today, I was reminded of something that was brought to my attention when I first moved to Toowoomba. It was my first week on the job and I remember within the space of one week I attended three leadership/management meetings. It was funny at the time, when I first started the job, I thought, this is funny! My job is to sit around big round tables with the Kings of the company and discuss our management plan. I felt instinctively this was a position of Kingship and it is showcased by it’s kingly position by these meetings where we gather as Kings of our departments and teams, where we convene and we are the council and we meet together, we talk together and we make decisions. We are the council for the greater group. We are the Ekklesia. And this of course wasn’t lost on me. I paralleled this with my growing and expanding revelation as the identity of the church as the Ekklesia. WE ARE MEANT TO BE THE EKKLESIA! WE ARE MEANT TO BE THE KINGS! And yet we’ve no knowledge of that. We don’t act as that, we don’t think like that, we don’t feel like that. There is no power in the church!

The painting God put in my heart was that, every week on a Sunday, Kings from every suburb, every place, come together, as the order of King Priests after Melchizedek and do not worship themselves as the rich people of this world do. But instead of reveling in their own glories. The KINGS of the nation, come together to willingly BOW DOWN to the KING OF KINGS, Jesus! How Glorious when Jesus is exalted, not only by the lowly and poor, but by the most magnificent creation he has created in his own image. Those that know their inheritance and what has been bestowed upon them. And they willingly praise and worship his name!

You see the freemasons… they understand this. Because the freemasons and every other secret society come from the greatest bloodlines in the earth. They revel in their superiority and their secret power. You best believe they scheme and plot and strategise AND BECAUSE THERE IS NO EKKLESIA STANDING ON BEHALF OF GOD, THEY SUCCEED! WE ARE THE RESISTANCE! But even greater than that, we are the victorious, if we would just take our position as God Kings.

The Conclusion That We Are Everlasting God Kings

I hope you now understand the God King paradigm but I don't want to leave any blurriness in your understanding of our claim. Everlasting God Kings all speaks about US! 

Are you saying you believe you and we are gods? Yes! 

This is biblical, look up the word 'elohim'. It means god-kind. It's all throughout the bible. I also suggest you look up the teaching of Michael Heiser but I will give you a few verses to start you off:

Psalm 82:6 "I said, 'You are "gods"; you are all sons of the Most High.'

And Deuteronomy 32:8

When the Most High gave to the nations their inheritance, when he divided mankind, he fixed the borders of the peoples according to the number of the sons of God.

And the crazy thing about the verses I've just put above... they're not even about us!!!! Nope. There are many, many "elohim" - god-kind. 

And God calls us his children. And he says we are a new creation when we are reborn! Jesus was born of the spirit. We are born of the spirit. 

John 3:5

Jesus answered, "Very truly I tell you, no one can enter the kingdom of God unless they are born of water and the Spirit."